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Luna's journey to her forever home - part one

Luna's amazing new owner has agreed to write a blog about the rewards and challenges of adopting a rescue dog. In part one, she describes her situation and how they decided that Luna was the one.

A bit of our background:-

We lost one of our two rescued lurchers four years ago, at the age of 15 when he broke his foreleg, having arthritis in his back legs it wasn't really fair on him to either have the leg amputated or pinned (meaning 6 months being crated) so we had to take the kindest solution witch was having him PTS.

Aragon, our three year old Lurcher missed him a lot as they'd been together for two years, but he was such a handful we couldn't face getting another dog straight away.

He'd calmed down a lot in the last two years so I started looking at rescues to find a companion for him. I kept showing my 25 year old son (who lives at home) photo's of dogs in rescues, but he kept saying no. Then I showed him a photo of Luna and it was love at first sight, so we began the adoption process.

We took things gradually, meeting her many times in the weeks prior to her coming home with us. The first time just my son and I met her for a little walk with Denise, Luna's scared of men so it was really important that she took to my son Jake. She took to Jake immediately, he's a very calm, laid back person and she could sense that he was gentle. We met her again a few days later, taking Aragon along to meet her. They were a bit cautious of each other, but seemed to get on ok.

We met her several more times over the coming weeks, mainly Aragon and me as Jake was busy working and the last couple of times we met Luna was really happy to see us and even gave Aragon a kiss on the nose.

The day came to take her home, we'd decided that rather than have her come into the house straight away that we'd meet up outside and go for a short walk around the block so that they could come into the house together. They were happy to see each other and we walked them round the block, Luna was quite nervous and we could see that we'd have to work hard with her for her to overcome the sound of traffic and pedestrians........


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