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Our Sanctuary Animals

At Holbrook we rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals from many different backgrounds. Sometimes we are unable to rehome animals due to health or behavioural issues and they therefore remain with us to live out their natural lives in a happy, comfortable and loving environment. If you would like to find out more about how you can help our sanctuary animals by way of sponsorships please email : OR to set up a regular payment please click on the 'please sponsor me' button below each picture. Alternatively join our sanctuary club from £2 per month. You'll find our bank details on the donate page.

Our Future


Bertie has lived at Holbrook for a number of years. Little is known of Bertie’s history, but we do know that he originates from Azerbaijan and is around 9 years old.
Bertie is loved by everyone who knows him; he has the most wonderful gentle nature and such soulful eyes! But Bertie is a complex character that needs his routine; without it he can become extremely anxious quite quickly
Bertie displays behaviours which the vet believes could possibly be neurological; however at Holbrook we are aware of how to interact with Bertie to keep him safe and happy!


You wouldn't know it to look at him now but Whisper has had a tragic past. He was abandoned without food or water. By the time he was rescued he was so weak that he had to be carried. To begin with food had to be liquidised so that he could eat it. It was some time before we realised Whisper wasn't quite right. He's a real character who can be very vocal, particularly when he wants his dinner.

Dizzy and Peggy Sue

Dizzy the brown goat and Peggy Sue the white and brown one, arrived recently. They are both ten years old and are spending their retirement with us!


Mika is about 6 years old and has stage 2 kidney failure. We're not sure how long she will be with us but we try and make every moment special. She's got a huge personality and has been nicknamed Monkey. She runs around and plays with the other dogs for hours, giving no sign that she's ill. She enjoys every minute and we hope with all our hearts that there will be many, many more minutes to come.


Sammy is an Arab racehorse but unfortunately wasn't good enough to race. She was rehomed again and again but none of the homes worked out. Eventually she was rescued by Holbrook and now spends her days happily grazing in our field.


Lola is our newest sanctuary animal. He (yes another one with a girls name!!) was living with a loving family but their other goat died. So he came to Holbrook and is now Beavis's friend. Such a cute character, he is very friendly and just loves to be stroked. He has become great friends with Molly the sheep and they spend ages play head butting.


Blossom spent her early years on a housing estate until she was evicted. Her owners loved her but couldn't keep her so she was rehomed at Holbrook. She has something called EMS, a bit like diabetes, and has to take daily medicine. She's a delightful girl who is totally spoilt. She has her own little box with her brushes in and volunteers love grooming her. Some even sing to her. She's also quite a character, try getting her in at night when she's munching the grass.

Ginger, Funky and Special

Ginger was handed in and she was no longer wanted. She loves her time at the sanctuary and particularly loves her sweetcorn each morning!! Special is called special as she was in such a sorry state when she arrived. She had hardly a feather on her body. As you can see she is now spectacular and very special, in a different way!! Funky came to us as his owner felt he wasn't safe to have around. He had such a bad attitude. He tried kick boxing anyone that went near his hens and even scared great, big, burly men. He has mellowed over time and is a very happy boy along with his lovely wives!!!


A while ago Laura was contacted by another rescue asking for help with one of their dogs that was finding it hard to settle in her new home. After carrying out an assessment on Nellie who was believed to be approximately 8 years old we knew that she had no aggression, she was just very nervous and not ready to cope with life in a home environment. Knowing that Nellie would be at Holbrook for quite a long time Laura agreed to take her in to ensure she had a safe future and to start her rehabilitation. However due to Nellie's age, she seems older than we originally thought, we've decided to make her a sanctuary dog so that she has a permanent, loving home with us forever. Nellie seems to love her life with us, pottering around and making herself at home and getting huge amounts of love and affection from the volunteers.


Ollie, our big boy is about 10 years old. He's had a rough time in the past and rehoming hasn't been successful due to some behavioural issues. So Holbrook is now his forever home and he loves it. He's the boss and is very loyal to Laura, who runs Holbrook. For such a big boy he also has a very gentle side and loves a cuddle.


Scampi is Holbrook's very own grumpy old man. He came to us when his previous family couldn't look after him anymore. It takes a long time to get know Scampi and build his trust. However he has formed a bond Laura and therefore it was decided he would stay and call Holbrook his home. All our volunteers have a soft spot for this little character.


Bournville was unwanted and rehomed at Holbrook as a companion to Molly. He's a bit timid but has come out of his shell in recent months. He lives with Blossom, Lola, Molly and Beavis.


Beavis needed to be rehomed due to a change in his families circumstances. He's a lovely little goat who is full of character. Loves to tease the dogs when he's safely in his enclosure. He lives happily with the pony, sheep and other goat.


Freddie has been living at Holbrook since he was a puppy. His family had tried several sanctuaries before arriving at Holbrook. Poor Freddie was car sick by then so, despite having no vacancies, we took him in. Freddie is a complex, intelligent boy who is much loved by the volunteers. He is fascinated by the goats and spends ages just watching them. Freddie has been rehomed by some lovely families in the past but unfortunately things haven't worked out largely due to his guarding behaviour.


Sweet Poppy. When she arrived at Holbrook she was extremely nervous. The result of being shut in a crate for months on end. Consequently she didn't feel safe outside and spent many months hiding in a small enclosed space in the kitchen. Many of our volunteers didn't even know she was there. Eventually she began to venture out, at first when no one was around, gradually increasing her excursions until she became a familiar sight. She now accepts treats and plays with the other dogs. She's isn't ready to be stroked and may never reach that point but she is clearly happy and content with Holbrook as her home.


This is our lovely boy Molly. Yes he is called Molly! No one can quite remember why. Molly was one of two young sheep found in a field with pneumonia. They had no one to care for them so were adopted by Holbrook. Molly is about 7 now and enjoying life. He lives very happily with another sheep, the goats and the pony. He's an affectionate boy, he loves a cuddle.

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