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We 'Woof' You A Merry Christmas!

From all the team here at Holbrook Animal Rescue, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope that this festive season brings you plenty of joy.

2022 has been a very busy year for us, but we have been absolutely delighted to be able to help so many animals to find their forever homes. We are incredibly grateful for all the support we receive and the generosity shown by our local community.

Dear Santa Paws

Our lovely Holbrook dogs have been getting into the festive spirit recently, enjoying playing with the toys our volunteers have been delivering for them. They even had some fun playing in the snow last week! Every dog in our care receives so much love, but they all have one Christmas wish this year...

If they could ask ‘Santa Paws’ for anything at all, their wish would be to find a loving forever family of their very own. Please consider reading more about our dogs here.

Keeping Your Dog Comfortable Over Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, but it can also be a stressful time for our furry friends. They don’t quite understand why we’re all celebrating and, as much as it is Dogs, like humans, thrive on routine and can become anxious or distressed when their routine is disrupted. Here are some tips on how to keep your dog in their routine and keep them happy during the holiday season:

  • Stick to your dog's regular feeding and exercise schedule. It can be tempting to let your dog indulge in holiday treats and skip their regular walks, but maintaining their regular routine will help them feel more secure and comfortable.

  • Keep their routine as normal as possible. If you normally take your dog for a walk at a certain time, try to stick to that schedule as closely as possible. This will help your dog feel more comfortable and less anxious.

  • Make sure your dog has a safe, quiet place to retreat to. With all the excitement and activity of the holiday season, your dog may need a break from all the noise and commotion. Make sure they have a quiet, comfortable place where they can rest and relax.

  • Keep an eye on your dog's behavior. If your dog is showing any signs of stress or anxiety, such as pacing or panting excessively, take a break from the festivities and give them some quiet time.

  • Don’t forget to give them love and attention as usual, finding a balance between not overwhelming them but also not allowing them to feel left out.

By following these tips, you can help your dog stay happy and comfortable during the holiday season and keep their routine as normal as possible.

Have a wonderful festive season!

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