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Could You Be Freddie’s Forever Home?

Freddie, our cheeky-chappy Staffie-cross has been with us for the best part of 9 years. He first came to Holbrook as a pup after displaying guarding behaviours with his current owner.

After two unsuccessful attempts to rehome him, Laura decided it was best for Freddie to stay with us and live out a happy life as a Holbrook Sanctuary animal. However, Laura never gave up hope and when we were approached by Sussex Live to talk about a dog who had been in our care for the longest, we wanted to give the spotlight to Freddie in the hope that we could find a home that understands him.

The story quickly went viral, with the Mirror, Metro and Sun branding Freddie as the ‘UK’s Loneliest Dog’… Far from it! Holbrook is one of Britain’s only kennel-free rescue centres, meaning that all dogs are free to roam the house and live together as one big family. Trust us, Freddie is in no way a lonely boy!

Since the story broke, we have been overwhelmed with kind offers to rehome Freddie, but we are taking our time to find just the right home for him where someone can give him the time and attention he needs to feel safe and comfortable. He still has a tendency to guard his owner, but he is making progress with this and with the right training, will make a great companion for someone.

There are dozens of other dogs still looking for a home so if you would like to adopt, please take a look at our current dogs for adoption page, and send us an application. We would love to hear from you.

And if you would like to support us, we are currently raising money to build a new rescue centre, as a new housing development threatens our current location. Please donate here. Thank you for your kind support.

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I have had 2 Jack Russell dogs and one of them had guarding issues. However, as time went by with a lot of love, care, time, affection, patience he gradually began to trust. So I can offer Freddie a loving home. Please contact me to discuss further. Kind regards Brenda


Wolfgang Paulin
Wolfgang Paulin
Mar 09, 2022

I would take Freddie. I have experience with Jack Rüssel and He never come back!!!!!!! He stay by my side as long as He live. Promise. Wolfgang


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