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Male - Neutered
Cocker Spaniel - Working line
Age - 2 years old
Dogs - Good
Cats - Good
Children - Need to be over the age of 15

Personality - Murphy is a calm and gentle dog who is initially shy when meeting new people but soon comes around (more quickly with the ladies!). He is a very affectionate and unassuming dog and is well behaved. He has been well trained and has passed his Level 1 gun dog training! He is very loyal and well behaved and his busy little mind has already absorbed many commands He loves being outdoors - especially when he can find water! He is oblivious to stress factors such as thunder, and fireworks

Suitable home - Murphy is happiest when exploring the great outdoors and so he will need a large garden at the very least and two interesting walks were he can satisfy his considerable energy levels. His new owners must be very experienced and able to recognise the needs of an anxious dog that needs time and space to settle and relax as there has been instances when he felt overwhelmed and this has resulted in him lunging out in what he believes to be a necessary defence mechanism. Murphy will be best placed with a confident dog of a similar age and with similar energy levels.

Additional Information - Murphy is neutered and fully vaccinated.

If you would like to apply for him, please complete an application form.

Adoption fee and home-check apply

Please note Holbrook is a kennel free environment and visits are strictly by appointment

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