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Bichon mix
Age - 17 months old
Dogs - good
Cats - No cats
Children - Need to be over the age of 15

Personality: Wilbur is a lovely cuddly dog and quite confident when meeting new people but does behave better in a quiet home. He has developed guarding issues which need to be addressed. He is great with dogs, good at the groomers and can be left for short periods (crate trained). His recall has not been tested.

Suitable Home: An experienced owner that can demonstrate the ability to correct any behavioural issues and enhance his life by working on recall and giving him lots of fun exercise and stimulating activities. He will need active companion dog as he is very playful. Wilbur can happily be left for short periods in his crate but we would like his owners to be at home the majority of the time and will need mental stimulation and constructive training to bring out the best in him.

Additional Information - Wilbur is fully vaccinated and a sterilisation programme is being organised.

If you would like to apply, please complete an application form and demonstrate your ability to fulfil the above requirements.

Adoption fee and home check apply.

Please note: Holbrook has a kennel free environment and viewing is by appointment only.

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