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Male - Neutered
Labrador mix
Height - 60cm (to shoulder)
Age - 2 years old
Dogs - Good
Cats - Not cat tested
Children - No children

Personality - Vinnie is a very active dog and loves to play ball. He likes mixing with all the dogs at Holbrook but can equally have as much fun with an active person with a good throwing arm! When he came to us he was difficult with guarding - toys, towels etc. but with patience and consistent training, we are seeing progress that will need to be continued to ensure he continues to improve and understand boundaries.

Suitable Home - We would like him to be homed with experienced owners that are at home the majority of the time and can give him the company and mental stimulation he needs. He will need two interesting and varied walks each day (his recall is great) and a good sized garden. He does not necessarily have to have a companion dog, but interaction with other dogs on a regular basis is important.

Additional Information: Vinnie is a very healthy dog and vaccinations are up to date.

If you would like to apply for him, please complete an application form and please give us as much information as possible in respect of your experience with behavioural issues

Adoption fees & home-check applies

Please note: Holbrook is a kennel free rescue and visits are strictly by appointment only

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