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Male - Neutered
Mixed Breed
Height - 68cm (to shoulder)
Age - 2 years old
Dogs - Good
Cats - Good
Children - Need to be over the age of 12

Personality - Stitch just loves the company of people and has lived with cats. He is loving his life at Holbrook but would dearly love his very own home. He has an abundance of character, is very loving, happy and gentle. Stitch loves his walks and exploring the outside world and he also really enjoys playing!

Suitable Home - Due to his previous owner's circumstances and through no fault of his own; Stitch needed to find a new home. We would like him to have at best a rural home but at least a large garden and an experienced owner that can be with him the majority of the time and give him plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. He is very playful and would thrive with a female companion.

Additional information - Stitch has been neutered and his vaccination programme is in process

If you are home the majority of the time and have experience with rescue dogs, please complete an application form and give as much information on this as possible.

Adoption fee & home-check applies

Please note Holbrook has a kennel free environment and visits are strictly by appointment only

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