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Male - Neutered
Age - 1 years old
Dogs - Great
Cats - No cats
Children - Need to be over the age of 12 years old

Personality - Ralphie is a little wary of strangers initially but soon warms up and he is a fabulous companion. His recall is good (he loves food) but not perfect and he is great with dogs! In his previous home he regularly went to doggy day care and he is loving life amongst the other dogs at Holbrook.

Suitable Home - Ralphie needs a new home with confident and experienced owners (he had developed a nervous/possessive aggression when out with his previous owners.) He will need his new family to be around the majority of the time as he does have a degree of separation anxiety. He is a cockapoo so will need plenty of stimulation and exercise and would love a companion who can match his energy to live alongside! A good sized garden and interaction with other dogs on walks is a must. It needs to be a cat free home and children over the age of 12 years old.

Additional information - Ralphie is neutered and vaccinated.

If you think you could give him the home he deserves, please complete an application form It is imperative that you give detailed information on your past experience.

Adoption fees and home-check apply

PLEASE NOTE: Holbrook has a kennel free environment and visits are by appointment only once an application has been approved.

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