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Male - Neutered
Mixed Breed
Height - 70cm (to shoulder)
Age - 1 year old
Dogs - Great
Cats - Good
Children - Need to be over the age of 12

Personality - Casper is just a beautiful and gentle dog that loves to play and loves to cuddle. He is actually a white dog but he is having so much fun with all the other dogs that it is impossible to keep him clean for five minutes! His recall is showing signs of improvement which does not surprise us as he's an incredibly loyal dog.

Suitable Home - Casper is deaf and he will need owners that are confident in working through this. He will need a countrified home with space galore and a companion dog that will have the energy to play with him, the confidence to show him the lead and the care and loyalty to always make sure he is safe. He will need plenty of fun walks and toys galore as he loves to play! He's good around cats and children would need to be over the age of 12.

Additional information - Casper has been neutered and is up-to-date with his vaccinations.

If you can meet Casper's needs, please do submit an application form.

Adoption fee and home-check apply

Please note; Holbrook is a kennel free centre and visits are strictly by appointment only.

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