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Male - Neutered
Age - 12 years old
Height - 74cm (to shoulder)
Dogs - Good with others
Cats - No
Children - No children, adult home only

Personality - Bouncer has an amazing personality once you get to know him, he is inquisitive, playful and responds very well to 1-2-1 training; he thoroughly enjoys learning and ‘getting it right’. He can be a little curious and sometimes nervous around strangers that come to Holbrook which may cause him to play up, however during his time in foster he has met many people when out, in many different situations and has behaved perfectly. Bouncer will take a little time to bond with his new owner but once he does he will make a very loyal companion. He gets on with other dogs well and loves to play and he is often one of the first to be introduced to any new arrivals at Holbrook.

Suitable home - Bouncer is a dog with a lot of energy so he will need two 1 hour walks per day and plenty of mental stimulation. He walks well on the lead and is often off the lead in a secure field. His recall is extremely good however this will need continued training for off lead experiences out of a secure area. He would like a home with a garden so he can sit and watch the world go by and also a quiet section of the house as he likes to have his own space when settled and sleeping. He will need a patient Owner as he is not a fan of rapid movements or raised voices. He cannot be homed with cats as he will chase them and as we are unaware of his history with children we will not place him in a home with children.

Additional Information - Bouncer has spent regular home-visits with one of Holbrook’s volunteer’s who reports underneath the male bravado he is a real big softie. He absolutely loves going round roads sniffing and looking into gardens etc. He also loves going into shops, garden centres, tea rooms etc and has been in a busy one with 12 cyclists which he didn't mind at all. He can be a little reactive to new situations in a home (for example his reflection in the mirror, a hairdryer etc) so will need to get used to things in a home.

Adoption donation and home-check applies

Holbrook is a kennel free rescue so visits to meet Bouncer are by arrangement only

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