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Bertino Aquino Discografia ubadebb




Best work 2011 Best work 2012 Best work 2013 Best work 2014 Best work 2015 Best work 2016 Best work 2017 Best work 2018 Best work 2019 Best work 2019 So these are all of my favorite metal albums from last year in alphabetical order, so you can find them easily when you need to look for something. But what about 2019? I’ll start with new albums, then I’ll write about old albums from the past few years, as that’s when I was really digging into them. Here are my 2019 favorite metal albums: Amon Amarth – The Avenger of Souls Century Media Records Classification: black If you’re an AmShaved fan, you’ll already know what this album is about. And if you don’t, don’t worry, it’s more or less about AmShaved, with a few things about the Viking era thrown in. On top of the obvious things such as the lead guitar work of Erik Fält, the excellent drum work of Jon Fredman, the vocals from Björn “Speed” Strid, the bass and rhythm guitar work from Tommy Victor, and the guitar solos from Jay Jay Johanson, there’s a lot of subtly in this album. It’s a solid AmShaved album with some great songs. Do you listen to the Crucial Three? If so, you’re going to like this, as it’s very similar to the Crucial Three and very difficult to imagine it’s not the Crucial Three without listening to this album. I’m not kidding about it being similar. It’s like an AmShaved tribute album, with many songs about the Viking era. Blizzard – Blizzardsmoke Fat Possum Records I really like the sound of this album, and when you’ve got a band with drummer Mike Portnoy, it can be difficult to put down even the longest songs. So if you liked the first Fat Possum album, you’re going to love this album. If you’re a fan of the Atlantean Brood, you’re going to love this album. I’m sure the band would agree




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Bertino Aquino Discografia ubadebb

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