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Top tips for supporting your local charity

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

This ‘Giving Tuesday’ we’re highlighting some of the ways that you can support your local charity.

Holbrook Animal Rescue's future is in the balance. We will need to relocate in the next few years to make way for a major new housing development. Build has already commenced for the 2,700-home development to the north of Horsham, West Sussex, and the search for a new location is underway.

One of only two ‘kennel-free’ animal rescues in the UK, Holbrook Animal Rescue was set up by Laura and her mum Sylvia and is now run alongside a group of dedicated volunteers. However, the charity does not own the land on which the rescue is built. Land in West Sussex is notoriously expensive, and in order to continue our essential rehoming work, we are calling upon the community in and around

Horsham to help us to raise the funds to help build a new rescue centre.

We are very proud of the environment we offer the dogs, horses, goats and countless other animals in our care, but without the support of the community, our future is uncertain. We need your help to continue to offer a safe, warm home for unwanted and abandoned animals for years to come.

You can get involved by making a single or regular donation, organising your own fundraising event with your friends, neighbours, school, club or society, and by spreading the word to your friends and family. We accept all monetary donations, big or small, so please do help in any way you can. Thank you.

Donate as you shop (or sell)

Did you know that when you buy through Amazon Smile or through various other shops online you can donate to your chosen charity at no extra cost to you? Simply name your charity in advance (hint: search for Holbrook Animal Rescue!) and a small percentage of your purchase cost is donated without you having to do anything!

Sponsor a sanctuary animal

We have several sanctuary animals in our care that cannot be rehomed for various reasons. This means that we are responsible for their ongoing food and vet bills, which can increase as the animal gets older. If you choose to sponsor an animal with us, your regular monthly donation helps us to meet the cost of their care and allows them to live out their lives in happiness with us.

Share our social media posts

You can support your local animal shelter without having to spend a penny, simply by spreading the word. With dozens of deserving dogs and cats looking for new homes, we are always posting details of our animals on our social media channels, and their new home may be with someone in your social media network, or, if they share it too, within theirs. It is said that we are only 6 connections away from everyone on Earth, so the more that you share, the more likely that a new owner can be found.

Join the Giving Lottery

You can buy a few lottery tickets and have the chance of winning up to £25000 with prizes every week. Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance to win. There are also regular special prizes, currently you have the opportunity to win a £1000 Decathlon voucher.

Have fun at work

Why not organise a bake sale, coffee morning, sponsored fun run or ‘dress in blue’ day (our favourite colour) with your colleagues? You don’t have to raise hundreds of pounds. Just £30 can provide food and medicine for one of our dogs for a month.

Donate your unwanted items

Here at Holbrook Animal Rescue, we are able to provide a house clearance service, as we are then able to sell the items to others who need them. Anything from antique furniture to quality jewellery is appreciated. Simply email or contact us on Facebook to donate.

If you would like to help secure the future of Holbrook Animal Rescue then please donate here

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