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It takes two : Ollie and Solly : A special friendship

It Takes Two (Minutes)…

Interviewer: Solly, Ollie, thanks for joining me today. Can I ask how you both met?

Solly: Oh man, I will never forget it. I came into the centre and all the dogs are barking and saying hello all at once, and in amongst them all there’s this huge guy and, oh man, his bark was so intimidating. I’m like, woah, I gotta get on the good side of this guy.

Ollie (looking horrified): What? No! I didn’t know you felt intimidated. I’m so sorry.

Solly (laughing): I know that now! This dude is all bark but he is such a nice guy. He’s so good at making the new dogs feel at home. He really helped me. You really helped me, dude.

Ollie: Thanks, that means a lot. (Laughing) I do try but it’s hard to look cute when you’re this big.

Solly: I think you’re cute man. Don’t laugh. I do!

Ollie: Moving on…

Interviewer: You’re obviously great friends. How did that come about?

Solly: Ollie is this really big-hearted, tactile guy. He’ll wander over and start licking your face and stuff. At first I was like, “What the…?!” but actually, it feels really nice. He’ll nuzzle my neck and things like that. We kind of just bonded in that way.

Ollie (blushing): I like hanging out with you, Solly. We have a lot in common; we both like being close to Laura. We both like sausages. And, you know, Solly is tactile too. He likes a hug. If the volunteers sit down, he’s straight onto their laps. We have our favourites. If I want some attention from a particular volunteer, I have to get to them quickly before Solly beats me to it.

Solly (rolling his eyes): What?! You just barge between us. Every. Single. Time.

Ollie (chuckling): I do do that. It’s true.

Interviewer: Solly, Ollie’s a sanctuary dog. How do you feel about that?

Solly: It’s the best part of Holbook. Ollie is right where he needs to be. He’s a very old boy to be honest; you can’t keep moving him around, he’d get confused.

Ollie: Rude.

Interviewer: Ollie, how will you feel when Solly finds his forever home?

Ollie: I’ll miss him. There’s no doubt. But, I’ll be really happy for him as well. Solly deserves a great home. It’s out there. (Looks at Solly). It is out there.

Solly: I know, thanks man. And whilst I’m waiting I’ve got everything I need right here; long walks, cosy beds, you to lick my face.

Ollie: If you want me to stop licking your face, just ask, because I thought you liked it. When I stop, you paw at me to carry on. That’s all I’ll say.

Solly (laughing): Am I tasty?

Ollie: You taste like fur.

Solly (still laughing): You taste like fur!

Ollie: Never was a truer word spoken.

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