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International Dog Day 2022 | How to support your local dog rescue

What is International Dog Day?

On the 26th of August each year, animal lovers around the world celebrate International Dog Day. Although on the surface, it may seem like a simple opportunity to be thankful for our own furry best friends, there’s a deeper meaning behind the occasion.

The aim of the day is to…

  • Open the eyes of the public to how many dogs are in rescue looking for new homes.

  • Discourage people from buying dogs from puppy farms and unregistered breeders.

  • Encourage the rescue of older dogs and mixed breeds, as opposed to the purchase of young puppies.

Dog rescues in the UK are suffering…

Over the past few years, the number of dogs found in rescue centres has continued to grow. According to a recent survey carried out by the RSPCA, as cited by PetKeen, over 600,00 dogs are placed in rescue centres each year. Since the global Covid-19 pandemic, this figure has continued to grow.

Here at Holbrook, we have seen over a 50% increase in requests to adopt dogs now as compared to 2019 and that isn’t due to an increase in our popularity as a charity.

As many people took to working from home in 2020, they purchased puppies. Those puppies have grown into dogs which require a lifetime of love and care. Having a dog is a commitment that must be seriously considered and we are now sadly seeing many animals in need of finding a new home as their current situation is no longer suitable.

There is also a multitude of other reasons that can lead a dog to find its way through the doors of a rescue like ours. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find room for them all and we are devastated to have to turn some dogs away.

This is why it’s so important for animal lovers around the UK to be aware of the current situation and to find a way to support their local shelter of choice, however they can.

How can I support my local dog rescue?

There are so many things that you can do to help support your local animal charity, many of which you may not have thought of. We’ve put together our top suggestions below to inspire you…

1) Donations

Perhaps the most obvious way of helping the charity is through donations. These may be financial donations, to which we can promise that every single penny is gratefully received, but physical items are often welcomed too. From pet food and blankets to collars and leads, first aid supplies and much more, there are a whole host of items you could choose to donate. Why not see if your chosen charity has an Amazon Wishlist?

2) Sponsorship

Many rescues will offer a sponsorship scheme that allows you to pay a small monthly donation into their account while receiving updates on the welfare of the animals in their care. It may be that you sponsor a permanent resident, or pay towards a generic sanctuary sponsorship that covers all animals coming in and out as they wait for new homes.

3) Lasting legacy

Why not remember your favourite charities in your will? That way, when the time does come, your desired sum can be gifted to caring for animals in need. This is a truly wonderful lasting legacy that we are always grateful for in sad times.

4) Foster a dog

Temporary fosters are an absolute necessity. They not only offer animals a chance to experience life in a home environment, particularly for those who don’t suit busy sanctuary life, but they free up space for more animals in need. If you’re looking for pet companionship but aren’t yet ready for a lifelong commitment, then becoming a temporary foster could be the ideal solution. Failed fosters are lovely too, should you not want to say goodbye to your new friend.

5) Adopt, don’t shop

While we understand the appeal of buying cute little puppies, we’d like to encourage people to consider adopting their next dog. There are simply thousands of loving dogs all around the UK, patiently waiting to be welcomed into a new loving home. If you do choose to purchase a puppy, please do your research and don’t buy from unethical sources, such as puppy farms. All too often, older dogs from puppy farms are dumped and find themselves wandering through our doors, after they’ve expended their use as a breeding animal. There are so many benefits of choosing to rehome an adult dog in need.

6) Fundraising events

Whether you’re participating in an existing event or hosting your own, public fundraising activities are a key source of income for any charity. From bake sales to tombolas, summer fairs and sponsored walks or runs, the possibilities are endless. Why not organise a fun event within your local community to raise a few pounds for charity? You’ll have a great time doing it too!

7) Raising awareness

One of the easiest ways that you can support your local animal charity won’t cost you a single penny. Simply raising awareness through word of mouth is crucial. Mention them to all of the animal lovers in your life. Like, share, comment and otherwise interact with their posts on social media to help keep them appearing on people’s news feeds (so that they don’t disappear in the dreaded ever-changing algorithms).

A personal note: our mission to find a new home

If you’re familiar with Holbrook, you may already be aware of our ongoing plight to find a new home for our centre. The land that we have been living on for over 25 years is due to be taken over for development. Unfortunately, due to the various circumstances surrounding this, including the fact we currently rent this land, we are finding ourselves forced to locate without the sufficient funds to do so.

We are desperately looking for a suitable new home for Holbrook Animal Rescue, but land in the South East comes at a premium. We are currently on a mission to raise the money we need to secure some land and ensure that the future of our centre and the animals within our care is stabilised. We must do this within the next year.

We are proud to be one of only two ‘kennel-free’ animal rescues here in the UK. Our founders, Laura and Cliff Santini, alongside a group of fantastic volunteers, have worked hard to establish Holbrook as a safe and loving rescue centre for animals to thrive while looking for a new home. In order for us to continue our essential rehoming work, we are calling upon the community in and around Horsham to help us to raise the funds to help build a new rescue centre.

Find out more about our future here.

We would be extremely grateful for any support you can offer and hope that this blog may have inspired you to make a change.

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