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Age – 10 years old
Yorkshire Terrier
Dogs – Likes smaller dogs
Cats – No cats
Children – No children

Personality – Rusty is a happy little fella that loves life. He loves people he knows but is wary of strangers and doesn’t like crowds. He enjoys his two walks a day but is equally happy curled up on the settee. He loves to cuddle up in the evenings on the settee with his mum and dad. Rusty likes small dogs but if he a big dog comes up to sniff or play with him he will tell them off.

Suitable Home – Rusty is looking for a quiet home with no other pets or children. Although Rusty can cope with the odd visitor, he doesn’t like a crowded house. He then gets very worried and the fear comes out in aggression. Saying this he is a very friendly loving boy to his owners. His new home must be fit and enjoy walking as Rusty needs two walks a day.

Additional Information - Rusty has been in his current home for two years but unfortunately isn’t safe to have around grandchildren.

If you feel that you can give him the home he is looking for please complete the application form below.

Adoption donation and home-check applies

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