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Mixed Breed
Age - 10 months
Dogs - Good
Cats - Not cat tested
Children - Not tested around children

Personality - Nelly is initially very nervous of new people and situations but she is very intelligent and food driven and will soon come around. She is a very sweet and loving dog that has bundles of affection to offer. She is a typical hound with her nose always to the ground and recall has not been established. She has not shown any signs of separation anxiety when left for short periods.

Suitable Home - Nelly will need a large and secure garden (6ft fencing) and two substantial walks each day. Due to her nervous disposition she will need to be homed with a confident and compatible companion dog. Nelly will need experienced owners that can be at home the majority of the time and have the ability to give her the physical and mental stimulation that is vital for her to settle into a new environment.

Additional Information - Nelly is vaccinated and will need to be neutered at the correct point in her development.

If you would like to apply, please complete an application form and please refer to the criteria above and supply as much information as possible.

Adoption fee and home-check apply

Please note; Holbrook is a kennel free centre and visits are strictly by appointment only.

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