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German Shepherd (long haired)
Age - 3 months old
Dogs - Great
Cats - Not cat tested
Children - Need to be over the age of 10

Personality - Leo has all the attributes of a fun, loving and playful puppy! He adores the company of people and will happily follow you around all day. He's also very willing and intelligent and is quickly responding to learning about the big outside well as well as picking up commands. Leo loves his walks already and is progressing well with his lead walks and off lead. He also loves to play - with other dogs, toys and people!

Suitable Home - Leo may be an adorable puppy at the moment but given the size of his feet he is sure to grow quickly into a bigger dog! He's looking for a home with someone who has experience with German Shepherds and who can continue with his training as well as provide him with all of the exercise/mental stimulation required as he gets older (a decent sized garden is needed too!) Leo also thrives in the company of other dogs so would like to be homed with a companion dog who is young enough to tolerate his playfulness. He has not been cat tested although is young enough to learn around dog savvy cats and young children he can find a little overwhelming so they would need to be over the age of 10.

Additional information - Leo is fully vaccinated and he will be neutered at the appropriate time.

Adoption donation and home-check applies

If you would like to give Leo his forever home, please send in your application

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