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Male - Neutered
Age - 2 years old
Dogs - Very good
Cats - Not cat tested
Children - Need to be over the age of 15 years old

Personality - Jerry is a very intelligent and active dog. He is also massively a gentle giant! Jerry enjoys the company of other dogs but he absolutely adores affection from humans and he will seek you out for a cuddle. He is very well trained and his lead training is coming along nicely. Jerry would make a wonderfully loyal and kind companion for someone.

Suitable Home - These dogs need a fair amount of exercise and stimulation and Jerry is no exception. He would love a large garden and Owners who can devote time towards his development into a happy and well rounded dog. Jerry would benefit from a compatible companion dog but this is not essential providing he can interact with other dogs on his walks etc. He is a sociable dog who would make a great addition to a home.

Additional Information -Jerry is neutered and fully vaccinated.

Adoption fee and home-check applies.

Please note Holbrook is an open rescue and viewings of dogs is strictly by appointment only

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