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Female - Neutered
Age - 7 years old
Small mixed Breed
Dogs – Good
Cats – No cats
Children – No children

Personality - Elsa is quite a reserved dog that finds most things in the great big world a little scary; she is not a difficult dog, just insecure and likes as little stress as possible. However once she gets to bond with you she is a loving and entertaining little dog who will happily cuddle up by your side.

Suitable Home - Elsa is looking for her forever home due only to owners' circumstances and she is not a difficult dog to have in your life. She would like someone home the majority of the time that can give her lots of cuddles and reassurance. She will need her own garden and two walks each day where she can build her confidence and have some fun! Please note: Elsa has not been out in a number of months and introductions to a new home, garden and overall going out for walks, needs to be introduced slowly. However, she is an intelligent and receptive dog and seeing her progress will be very rewarding. It needs to be a cat and child free home.

Additional Information - Elsa is neutered and vaccinated.

If you feel you can give the home she is looking for please complete the application form below.

Adoption donation and home-check applies

Holbrook is a kennel free rescue, so visits to meet Elsa are by arrangement only

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