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Male - Neutered
Mixed breed
Age - 5 years old
Dogs - Good
Cats - No cats
Children - No children

Personality - Benson is a loving and loyal dog. In his previous home his recall had not been tested but at Holbrook he is very good! He is really enjoying the wide open spaces and the attention from the volunteers. He has not shown any signs of separation anxiety and is fine with strangers he encounters on his walks but had become a little territorial with regards to deliveries/workmen to the home. He is good on the lead and will need support with car journeys.

Suitable Home - Benson does enjoy being with other dogs and will benefit from a companion dog. If this is not possible, he will need regular contact with other dogs on his walks for example. He will need someone that can be at home with him the majority of the time and a good sized garden. He will need two walks each day; both varied and interesting. It will have to be a cat and child free home.

Additional Information - Benson is neutered and vaccinations are up to date.

If you would like to apply, please complete this form and give as much information as possible.

Adoption fee and home-check apply

Please note: Holbrook has a kennel free environment and visits are by appointment only.

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