Woody – Age approx. 2
Dogs – Can be homed as an only dog or with a companion dog
Cats – Not cat tested
Children – Older, dog respectful children

Dogs – Woody gets on well with the other dogs at Holbrook and although the smaller dogs annoy him sometimes he tolerates them therefore we feel that Woody can be homed as an only dog providing he gets the opportunity to interact with and socialise with other dogs on a regular basis or he can be homed with a companion dog (medium size +)

Cats – Woody has not been cat tested

Children – Woody is a gentle giant but he is large and although not often he does jump up. We do not know his history with children therefore we recommend older, dog respectful children of 14+

Personality – Woody is a very affectionate dog, he loves to flop down and lean into you which can put you off balance if you’re not ready for it. He is still quite puppy like in the way that he bounces when he is feeling playful. Woody is a smart boy that enjoys learning things new and has already began to learn sit and down, although down he would much rather do on grass.

Woody is very treat motivated which will help no end with his training, when he’s 1-2-1 with someone he focuses well and tries hard to ‘get it right’. Woody is still learning that food is now regular; he can be worried around certain areas that he associates with food but takes treats very gently and doesn’t push for more. Woody is not off lead yet, this will need further training but he thoroughly enjoys his walks and would love to run so the use of a secure dog walking field would be perfect for Woody.

Suitable home – Woody will need someone home much of the time to help him settle, he is a big dog that will need a family with experience and the commitment to continue his training. Woody will need a large garden to explore and a good sized house to live in, he would not suit a small home and garden. Being the size he is we would like to see Woody with a family that have experience with larger breeds, although he has a beautiful nature he will need firm boundaries and clear guidelines to help him become the very best that he can as he gets older. Woody would not suit short lead walks, he needs a good amount of exercise and would suit an outdoor family that love to go walking in different areas.

Additional Information – Woody already joins the group walk although he is not off lead yet. He walks well on lead but does pull a little so this will need further training. Woody has the most amazing coat that will require regular grooming to keep him looking and feeling good.

If you feel you can give Woody the home he is looking for please complete the application form below. Please use this form to tell us why you think you would be the best home for Woody.
Adoption donation and home-check applies