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Toby - Age: Approx 3-5 yrs old
Size - Approx 40 cms to shoulder
Dogs - To be homed with a companion dog
Cats - Not cat tested
Children - Older dog respectful children

Dogs - Toby is very playful with the other dogs at Holbrook and likes to be in the middle of any activity therefore we would like Toby homed with a suitable, playful companion dog.

Cats - Toby is not cat tested therefore we can not say how he will be around cats. Due to his high energy we feel he may initially chase cats.

Children- Toby has a lovely nature however we do not know his history with children and due to his very excitable and lively personality we suggest older, dog respectful children. Each app will be viewed individually.

Personality- Toby has a great personality, he is full of energy and is very inquisitive. Toby loves people and dogs alike but can become excited quickly. Toby loves his walks and is already on the group walk, he is a happy dog that loves life.

Suitable home - Toby will need someone home most of the time to help him settle. Toby’s new family must be prepared to put in the training needed to help Toby reach his full potential. Toby would suit a family that enjoy the outdoors, he has a lot of energy and will need the mental and physical stimulation to suit this.

Toby will need continued training to walk nicely on lead, he still pulls somewhat. He will need training in recall and basic obedience to help him become the dog he wants to be. Toby was a little under weight on arrival, with good, regular meals we are already seeing an improvement in his eating habits and we expect to see a steady weight gain over the next few weeks.

If you feel you can give Toby the home he is looking for please complete the application form below

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