Taylor -Age 6 years old
Dogs - To be homed with a female companion dog or can be homed as an only dog
Cats - Not cat tested
Children - No children

Dogs - Taylor likes the company of the other dogs but prefers the company of the females, we will be looking for a home with a female companion to help build Taylor’s confidence. Taylor equally enjoys human company therefore we feel that Taylor could also be homed as an only dog providing he gets to socialize with other dogs regularly.
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Cats - Taylor is not cat tested therefore we cannot say how he will be around cats.

Children - Taylor takes time to trust and can initially be wary of strangers, due to his nervousness we will be looking for a home with no children.

Personality- Taylor wants to trust but can take time. He is a busy dog that likes to know what’s going on around him. He loves affection but it comes with his trust, slowly and in his own time. Taylor can be a little wary of both men and women when he first meets them, applicants must be aware of this. Taylor also has a lovely, playful nature about him and just needs to feel safe and loved for this side of him to be seen. Taylor already joins the group walk and loves it, he walks well on the lead and is happy to listen to his walker and follow their guidance. Once in the secure field Taylor is off lead and thoroughly enjoys pottering about and exploring his surroundings.
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Suitable home - Taylor will need someone home much of the time to help him settle. We will be looking for a family with experience of nervous rescue dogs. Taylor will need a large garden to explore and a family that enjoys walking.

Taylor is not an idle dog and will not suit a couple of short lead walks a day, he loves his walks and can easily walk a good 5 miles each day, if not more so his new family will need to be able to meet his exercise needs. We will be looking for a home that understands Taylor will need time to feel settled and safe.

*Additional information *
Holbrook was approached by another rescue to help with Taylor, he had been in foster for a couple of months but had not bonded with the man of the house, Laura agreed he would join Holbrook, the male volunteers at Holbrook were asked to take things slowly with Taylor and with their understanding and patience we have seen no behavioural issues around them to date.
Successful applicants will be viewed based on their rescue experience and home suitability. On your application form please clearly detail rescue dog behaviour you have experienced and lived with in the past. The successful applicant will need to be prepared to visit Taylor a number of times to get to know him prior to adoption.

Update 12/11/20: Taylor has settled very well at Holbrook and we are now beginning to see a much happier, more trusting Taylor that seeks attention and affection from all of the volunteers.

Update 22/12/20: Taylor is now off lead on the group walk (secure field). He has come such along way since he arrived at Holbrook and no longer worries around the volunteers, quite the opposite and will seek out affection and treats quite happily.

Update 20/02/21: Taylor has formed a very good bond with a number of the volunteers at Holbrook. He has gained self-confidence and listens well to his handlers.

If you feel you can give Taylor the home he is looking for please complete the application form below https://form.jotform.com/210515831122038