SOLLY Age 4 ~ DOB:03/03/16
Dogs - Can be homed as an only dog or with a companion dog
Cats - No cats
Children - 10 years +

Solly has lived in a home environment for 3 months and was very well behaved in the house, sadly he needed to be returned to rescue through no fault of his own.

Dogs: Solly gets on well with the other dogs at Holbrook and enjoys racing around with some of the boys or gently play wrestling with some of the girls therefore we would like Solly homed with a companion dog. Solly previously lived happily with a companion dog before returning to Holbrook.

Cats - Solly has high prey drive so no cats
Children- Solly has a lovely nature but can be rather bouncy so we recommend dog savvy children 10 years +
Personality- Solly is a very affectionate dog that loves to share the sofas with his people, to get your attention Solly will give a gentle nudge with his paw. Solly is a high energy dog that loves to run and needs to run to burn off some of his energy but once he’s done that he likes nothing more than to curl up somewhere and sleep it off. Solly is a very loyal dog that will make a wonderful companion.

Suitable home - Solly will need someone home most of the time to help him settle! We will be looking for a home with a large garden for Solly to explore, the garden will need to be fully secure with 6ft fencing. We will be looking for a family that loves the outdoors as much as Solly does! Due to his high prey-drive and exercise requirements his new family will need to love walking and be prepared to put in the time needed to continue Sollys training in lead walking and recall. Solly can not be off lead due to his prey drive and although he responds well to whistle recall this cannot be relied on, if he picks up a scent he will be gone, a couple of short walks a day will not be suitable for Solly! Solly’s new family will preferably have regular access to secured fields or live in a farm setting with secure boundaries. Solly has previously enjoyed ventures at the beach and ideally will have the opportunity to do so again in his new home.

Living in a home environment: Solly’s Behaviour was perfect in the home, he is housetrained and never made a mess; if he needs to go he will sit by the door. He settled well and slept well at night. Solly is happy to be left for a reasonable amount of time and isn’t destructive. Solly is a very much loved member of Holbrook, he is smart, affectionate and comical.

If you feel you can give Solly the home he is looking for please complete the application form below