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Male - Neutered
Size - Large, will grow more
Age - 10 months old
Dogs - Likes all dogs
Cats - No cats
Children - Need to be over the age of 12 years old

Personality – Slinky is a very loving young boy who loves to cuddle up on the settee with you. He enjoys running free in his current garden. He is a little insecure so needs lots of reassurance. He especially loves men.

Suitable home – Slinky needs a home with another young dog to play with. He needs an experienced home that can help build up his confidence and his new owner must be at home all the time as Slinky has never been left on his own! Because of his size, nervousness and not having lived with children, children must be over 12yrs of age. He has not been cat tested but is likely to chase cats, so it must be a cat free home!

Additional Information – Slinky has never been properly socialised and introduced to new experiences. His current home have only had him a very short time and are heartbroken at having to find him a new home. Unfortunately their other dog is very reactive to Slinky and they are having to keep them in separate rooms. When their dog is barking aggressively at Slinky, he shows no sign of aggression whatsoever. Slinky barks when he meets new people but within a very short time he stops and wants a fuss!

If you feel you can give the home he is looking for please complete the application form below.

Adoption donation and home-check applies

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