Sherlock – Age approx. 3 years old
Dogs – To be homed with a calm, confident female companion dog
Cats – Not cat tested
Children – Older, dog respectful children age 14 +

Dogs – Sherlock gets on well with the other dogs at Holbrook but favours the females over the males, he likes to be in the mix of things and can quite often be found laying close to the other dogs, but he is not dependent on them. Due to Sherlock still being nervous in certain situations we feel that being homed with a calm, confident female companion dog will help his confidence and give him another dog to learn from.

Cats – Sherlock has not been cat tested therefore we do not know how he will be living with a cat.

Children – We do not know Sherlocks history with children, this combined with his nervousness around certain situations does not make a home with young children suitable for Sherlock. We feel he would be best suited to an adult only home or a home with dog respectful children age 14+, each application will be viewed independently.

Personality – Sherlock is a very loyal dog; he is extremely affectionate and loves nothing more than to cuddle up close, however Sherlock also takes time to trust people and will not push himself forward until he is comfortable with that person. Sherlock is nervous in certain situations; he confidence and resilience has grown considerably since he arrived at Holbrook but he still has a way to go. Sherlock likes to be in the mix of things but is quite happy to go off and find somewhere comfortable to relax, although he enjoys a run in the paddock, he is not a high energy dog, more a ‘take it as it comes’ dog.

Suitable home – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: We will be looking for a home with someone home much of the time to help Sherlock settle, as mentioned above although Sherlock has made great progress at Holbrook he can still be worried in certain situations. Sherlock would not suit a busy household; he is a quiet dog that likes to relax and watch the world go by. We will be looking for a home with experience in nervous rescue dogs and ask that you use the application to detail your experiences and why you feel you can offer Sherlock the home he is looking for and deserves. Sherlock has now joined the group walk and although he was unsure of passing traffic to begin with, we have seen much improvement over the last week. Sherlock is a wonderful, affectionate dog that will do extremely well in the right home where his new family will take things nice and slowly with him.

We will also be looking for a home with a calm yet confident companion dog for Sherlock to bond with and gain confidence from and a good size garden to explore in.

Additional Information – Sherlock loves attention and a good fuss however he does not like to be moved by his collar, this is most probably due to a past, negative experience. Sherlock will give a warning if anyone attempts to move him in this way, this needs to be taken into consideration by his new family who will need to work on the worry he has around this. Sherlock is happy to be stroked all around the collar area and can easily be lead, by lead or lured if he needs to be moved.

Successful applicants will be required to come and visit Sherlock multiple times to get to know him and vice versa.

If you feel you can give Sherlock the home he is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies.