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ROOK - Age 14 Dogs - Can be homed as an only dog or with a very calm, older companion dog. Cats - Can possibly be homed with cats
Children - Older, quieter children

Dogs - Rook is indifferent to dogs being around him, due to his age Rook can be homed as an only dog or with a very calm companion dog.

Cats - While in Foster Rook Saw the resident cat and showed no interest therefore he can possibly be homed with a cat.

Children- We do not know Rooks history with children but due to his age we feel a quieter home would suit him with no young children

Personality- Rook is quite independent, as an ex working dog he has been used to being kennelled but now enjoys using his nose to sniff around his environment. He is house trained and is most happy when he has access to the garden to explore before settling down to rest.

Suitable home - We would like to find Rook a retirement home with a family that are at home most of the time. At 14 years old we would love Rook to find a home with a nice size garden for him to explore and potter about in. He is an adorable little dog that deserves the best home possible to happily see out the rest of his days surrounded by love.

Rook has not been castrated and due to his age this may not be an option. Rook will been seen by the vet for a once over and to check his teeth but we feel that due to his age we would like to get Rook settled into his forever-home as soon as possible and possibly visit the vets for a check up once settled; this will be taken care of by Holbrook. If you feel you can give Rook the home he is looking for please complete the application form below

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