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Female - Neutered
Medium Mixed Breed
Height - 55cm (to shoulder)
Age - 3 years old
Dogs - Very good
Cats - Not cat tested
Children - Need to be over the age of 12

Personality - Reeva is a lovely, friendly girl who has been fortunate enough to be in a wonderful foster home where she has had a great time; lots of new experiences; her foster mum says that anyone would be very lucky to adopt this dog! She absolutely loves her walks and is amazing off the lead. She is sure to bond with the right person and be a very loyal friend for someone.

Suitable Home - We would like to find a forever home for Reeva with experienced humans that are at home the majority of the time. She will love a good sized garden and two exciting walks each day. She may require a little time and patience initially but she has so many fantastic qualities!

Additional information - Reeva is neutered and fully vaccinated

If you feel you could give this lovely dog the future she deserves, please send in your application.

Please note: Holbrook is a kennel free rescue centre and visits are strictly by appointment only.

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