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Pippa – 5yrs old

Dogs – friendly towards other dogs

Cats – not cat tested

Children – over 12 yrs of age

Personality – Pippa hasn’t been with us long, but from the start has been a friendly and affectionate girl. She loves to follow you around the field and play with some of the other dogs. She is quite nosey and likes to watch what is going on. She loves her beautiful, thick coat, being brushed and being told how beautiful she is.

Suitable home – Pippa is an energetic dog that will require a lot of exercise ( The minimum of 2 x one hour walks a day). She needs somebody at home most of the time and somebody that is willing to continue her training. She is a very good jumper and would enjoy doing agility. As we don’t know if Pippa has lived with children, children must be dog savvy and over 12yrs of age. Pippa will need a companion to play with!

Additional Information – Pippa walks on a lead but needs continued one to one training. She will need 6ft fencing, as is capable of jumping a five bar gate

If you feel you can give the home she is looking for please complete the application form below.

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