Dogs - Pepsi has settled well at Holbrook but doesn’t cope particularly well with the busyness around all the other dogs and has struggled to get on with some of the female dogs therefore we feel that Pepsi would be better homed as an only dog.

Cats - Pepsi has not been cat tested therefore we can not say how she would be around cats, her lively nature suggests she may be too excitable to live alongside cats.

Children- Pepsi loves people but we do not know her history around children therefore we recommend older dog respectful children only

Personality- Pepsi is a very energetic dog that loves to be in the mix of things, she likes a fuss from the volunteers and is one of the first to be up front for attention . Pepsi doesn’t get on with all the dogs at Holbrook but is happy in the company of the quieter ones. Pepsi is a fun little dog that will keep her new owners on their toes.

Suitable home - Pepsi will need someone home most of the time to help her settle. She is a busy little dog with a lot of energy that will need channeling in the right direction with mental and physical stimulation along with continued obedience training.

Pepsi walks on lead but this will need continued work

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