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Please read Patrick's re-homing requirements carefully before applying.

If you have already submitted an application form please do not resend, all applications will be looked at. Unfortunately we are unable to reply to each and every app. Successful applications will be contacted in due course.
Patrick – Age approx 2
Dogs – To be homed with a companion dog
Cats – Can be homed with a dog savvy cat
Children – Dog respectful children age 10+

Dogs – Patrick loves the company of other dogs and gains some confidence from being around them therefore we would like him homed with a suitable companion dog.

Cats – Patrick has been around cats, he is intrigued and sometimes wants to play.

Children – Patrick has been around children, we recommend dog respectful children of 10 years +

Personality – Information from Patrick's foster mum.
Patrick is an energetic, lively and curious young dog. He enjoys playing with other dogs is very affectionate and especially loves human company. He likes to be part of the action but is equally happy curled up on your lap. He is very confident, happy and go lucky and responds well to training (mainly due to his obsession with food ) He is persistent but not assertive in play, if another dog isn’t interested he will eventually leave them alone, especially if they show their displeasure. Ive not seen anything indoors or out that Patrick doesn’t like, although not massively keen on the vacuum cleaner. He is very excitable and will jump up if allowed, so this might be tricky with small children.

Suitable home – Patrick will need someone home much of the time to help him settle. We will be looking for a home with Pug experience and an understanding of the breed. Patrick is an energetic little fella that enjoys his walks and exploring new places, we will be looking for a home with a family that can offer Patrick new experiences.

Additional Information
Patrick happily lived in a home environment but due to a change in his family circumstances he found himself in need of a new home. Patrick came under the umbrella of Holbrook and went straight into foster. Since arriving in foster Patrick has been vaccinated and castrated.
Patrick has settled well into foster, he has enjoyed trips out with his foster mum and been a superstar meeting new people and other dogs. Patrick can be left but for only short periods, this will need continued work in his forever home. It takes Patrick a little time to settle into a new environment, he is not destructive or vocal but can become restless. Patrick walks well on lead but will need further training with his recall in his new home.

If you feel you can give Patrick the home he is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies

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