Molly – Age approx. 10 years
Dogs – To be homed with a calm male companion dog or as an only dog
Cats – Unknown
Children – No children

Dogs – Molly has settled well with the majority of dogs at Holbrook but gets on better with the boys therefore we would like Molly homed with a calm, male companion dog.

Cats – We do not know how Molly will be around cats

Children – Molly loves attention from humans but she is not a needy dog, we do not know here history with children but feel that she would not cope well with their energy therefore we will be looking for a child free home for Molly

Personality – Molly is a quiet dog that likes to know what is going on but doesn’t feel the need to be in the centre of any activities. She can be unsure in certain situations and will need experienced guidance to help build her confidence. Molly is a plodder, not a runner and likes to take things at her own pace.

Suitable home – Molly will need someone home much of the time to help her settle. We will be looking for a home with rescue dog experience and a family that will acknowledge that Molly will need time, patience and understanding to help her feel like she belongs. Molly took time to settle at Holbrook and we feel she will be the same with her new family therefore her new home must have a good sized garden that is fully secure with a 6ft fence all round, initially Molly will need to be kept on a long line when in the garden and accompanied at all times until she is fully settled. Molly would suit a quiet home with not too many comings and goings (when things return to normal) she would not like a busy house with people in and out all the time.

Additional Information
Molly has now joined the group walk however she is still worried on lead, we will continue to work on this while Molly is at Holbrook but this will also need to be continued in her new home.

If you feel you can give Molly the home she is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies