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Linus – small Labradoodle 14yrs old

Dogs – Tends to ignore them

Cats – ok

Children – No children

Personality – Linus is a very sweet boy who has so much love to give and deserves to be spoilt in a loving home of his own. He loves to follow you everywhere you go. He still enjoys his walks and is able to happily walk an hour each day. He loves to chase squirrels although has no chance of catching one. He also likes to play with cones. Although he loves his walks, he is also very happy to snuggle up in his bed.

Suitable home – Linus needs a home where the people are at home most of the time. He absolutely loves human company. He needs someone that enjoys walking as much as he does. Linus is very wary of children due to past experiences, so he must be homed in a child free home!

Additional Information – Sadly Linus was found shaking in his bed, while his owner lay passed away on the floor. It is believed that his owner had passed away a few days previous. This left Linus very distressed. He is currently being fostered by a lovely lady that used to walk him several times a week, but sadly due to other commitments can’t keep him.

If you feel you can give the home he is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies

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