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Leo - Age 9
Shih Tzu
Dogs - Can be homed with a companion dog or as an only dog
Cats - Can be homed with a cat
Children - 10+

Dogs - Leo gets on well with other dogs but will bark at bigger dogs if they bark at him first, he loves to play when he sees other dogs out and about therefore we feel that Leo can be homed with a companion dog but he also loves, loves loves people and having his own person would be further up his list of priorities than having a dog friend so Leo would also be equally as happy as an only dog providing he had the opportunity to meet up with other dogs regularly.
* See additional information *

Cats - Leo has lived happily with a cat therefore can be homed with a cat.

Children- Leo has a happy, playful nature around children and can be homed with dog respectful children age 10+

Personality- Leo is very affectionate and playful, he loves nothing more than attention from his people and to snuggle up. He is a very loyal little dog that will bond quickly with his new family. He is described as being a very happy little dog.
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Suitable home - Leo will need someone home most of the time to give him the attention he loves. His new family will need to enjoy the outdoors as Leo loves to go on walks and will enjoy exploring new places. Although Leo can be left he would rather be out and about with his people whenever possible so his new family will need to include Leo in as much of their lives as possible. Leo will be looking for a home where he has free run of the house, can curl up on the sofa and sleep in the same room as his new owners. Leo would also like a nice size garden to explore.

*Additional information *
Sadly Leo’s owner passed away very recently and he has been cared for by family but due to a change in their own circumstances they can no longer give him the time he needs or deserves. Leo is a very much loved family member and this was a difficult family decision.
Leo is microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.

If you feel you can give Leo the home he is looking for please complete the application form below

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