Izzy – Age 4/5 months old
Dogs – To be homed with a young, playful companion dog
Cats – Can live with cats
Children – Can be homed with children age 5 +

Dogs – Izzy settled well at Holbrook and was not phased by all the other dogs, big or small. We would like Izzy homed with a young, playful companion dog to learn from.

Cats - Izzy has met Laura's cats and is absolutely fine with them

Children – Izzy is just under 5 months old, as with all pups this age she is still mouthy. Based on this we feel she would best be suited to children aged 5 +. All applications will be looked at individually.

Personality – Izzy has already stolen the hearts of everyone that has met her, she loves attention and cuddles and enjoys being around people and the other dogs at Holbrook.
Izzy is a happy, confident little pup that has taken her arrival at Holbrook all within her stride. She is, as you would expect from a puppy full of fun and mischief.

Suitable home – We will be looking for a family with someone at home most of the time. Being so young, Izzy has a lot to learn about life, we will be looking for a family that can commit to the time and training a puppy needs.

Izzy will need appropriate puppy training as she grows to help her become the absolute best that she can. Ideally, we will be looking for a family with one person not working, that has the time and patience to work with, and train a new puppy. We will also be looking for a home with a nice garden for Izzy to explore.

Additional Information - As we know puppies are ridiculously cute, but they can also be hard work, and the first few months of caring for a new puppy can be a tiring experience. So, we ask that you take the time to consider if a puppy will fit into your lifestyle? Can you commit to the time a new puppy will need?

Spaying – Izzy will need to be spayed when the time is right, this will be written into Izzy’s adoption contract and will be discussed further with the successful applicant.

If you feel you can give Izzy the home she is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies