Dogs - In her previous home Indie was reported to be sometimes anxious around other dogs, however since arriving at Holbrook Indie has settled extremely well with all the other dogs and we feel that Indie would benefit from being homed with a confident but respectful male companion dog to learn from.

Cats - Indie chases small furries such as squirrels and cats therefore she will not be homed with a cat or any small furries within the home.

Children- Indie has lived with children and has always been calm and gentle, we will consider older dog respectful children and each app will be looked at individually.

Personality- Indie loves to be around her people but on her terms, she loves attention and is affectionate but is quite independent and will happily take herself off for some space when she feels the need but still likes to knows her people are there. Indie is happy to be left for reasonable periods of time and has never been destructive. Indie will often bark when in the garden and sometimes at night, this will need continued training to address the problem although we have already seen a great improvement since she first arrived at Holbrook. Indie has always been very polite and friendly when meeting new people.

Suitable home - Indie will need someone home much of the time to help her settle. She will need continued training and confidence building when out on walks. We will be looking for an experienced home to help Indie reach her full potential. Indie is a high energy dog that will need both mental and physical exercise to meet her needs.

Indie has lived happily in a home environment since she was about 6 months old and is well behaved within the home. She knows her basic commands - sit and down but has not been taught recall therefore Indies new family will need to train recall and make use of secure dog walking fields to allow Indie to run until recall is established, she loves to run!

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