Flo – Age approx. 3
Dogs – To be homed with a calm companion dog
Cats – Not cat tested
Children – Older dog respectful children

Dogs – Flo gets on with all the other dogs at Holbrook, she never goes looking for trouble and is submissive if confronted. Flo loves to be in the mix of things with the other dogs and gains confidence in being around them. Therefore we would like Flo homed with a calm yet playful companion dog

Cats – We do not know Flo’s history with cats however she has shown an interest in chasing birds and we feel she may have fun chasing cats or small furries

Children – Flo has a beautiful nature, but we do not know her history around children therefore we feel a home with older dog respectful children would be ideal. Each app will be viewed individually.

Personality – Flo is gentle and affectionate, when she first arrived at Holbrook she would drop to the ground if someone bent down to stroke her but as her confidence has grown, she is now learning that the human touch can be kind. Whoever is working with Flo is the person she looks to for guidance, she puts her trust in that person and will follow their lead. Although we wouldn’t label Flo as a foodie she does love treats which will help no end with her training. Flo likes to gently be groomed and will lean into you closely while you brush her. We have already begun to see her playful side as she joins in with the other dogs chasing and play wrestling. Flo will bond quickly and easily with her new family and will be a very loyal, loving companion.

Suitable home – Flo will need someone there much of the time to help her settle, she would love a good sized garden to explore with a calm yet playful companion dog to learn from. Flo loves to listen to whoever is interacting with her and she will do well with continued training. Flo can still be a little unsure of certain situations but with guidance she soon overcomes that worry and will enjoy slowly being introduced to lots of new experiences.

Additional Information
Flo has now joined the group walk; it didn’t take her long to get used to the lead and she continuously checks in with the person walking her. Flo was not fazed by the passing traffic but did like to stop and look at things she had probably not seen before, like the tractor in the field. Flo did not react to strangers on the walk and happily walked past them, following the other dogs. Its easy to see that Flo wants to run, until she has recall the use of a long-line or dog secure walking field will be perfect.

If you feel you can give Flo the home she is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies