Dylan - Dogs - Dylan has settled well with all the other dogs at Holbrook and is very happy in their company however Dylan absolutely loves people and would more than likely choose their companionship over dogs. We feel that providing Dylan has the opportunity to regularly socialise with other dogs he could be homed as an only dog or with a companion or two.
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Cats - Dylan has not been cat tested therefore we do know how he would be living with a cat.

Children- Dylan loves people but we do not know his history with children therefore we recommend older dog respectful children.

Personality- Dylan is a lover, not a fighter and wants nothing more than to cuddle up close to his humans. He is very affectionate and gentle but also quite busy and likes to know what’s going on around him. Although Dylan loves to be close to people he’s also quite happy to wander off and explore his environment by himself; he’s quite the inquisitive one.
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Suitable home - Dylan will need someone home much of the time to help him settle. Dylan enjoys 1-2-1 and will benefit from being with a family that can commit to his continued training. Dylan isn’t a barker as such but he will give a gentle bark to get your attention or to ask you for something he wants such as a treat.

*Additional information *
Dylan walks nicely on lead but will need recall training before he is off lead. Dylan already joins the group walk each day with no reaction to traffic or strangers.
Dylan is microchipped, castrated, flea and wormed.

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