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Dusty - Age approx 6-7 Years old
Dogs - can be homed as an only dog or with a companion dog
Cats - Unknown
Children - Older dog respectful children

Dogs - Dusty loves to play wrestle with some of the other dogs at Holbrook but she is equally as happy in the company of the volunteers. Dusty can be homed with a companion dog or as an only dog providing she has regular opportunity to socialise with other dogs.
* See additional information *

Cats - Dusty has not been cat tested therefore we do not know how she will respond to them.

Children- Dusty has a beautiful, gentle nature however we do not know her history with children. She is a quiet soul so Older dog respectful children would be considered.

Personality- Gentle, quiet, sweet, affectionate and playful are the words we would use to describe Dusty. She can still be a little unsure of certain things but she’s inquisitive which will help with her confidence building.
* See additional information *

Suitable home - Dusty will need someone home much of the time to help her settle. She has a quiet side to her personality and an overly busy home will not suit her. Dusty’s new family will need to commit to her continued training and socialisation.

*Additional information *
Dusty has not yet joined the group walk but she has now ventured out of Holbrook on lead, we will continue to help build her lead confidence while she is at Holbrook.

If you feel you can give Dusty the home she is looking for please complete the application form below

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