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Cherry – Age 20 months
Dogs – To be homed with a young, playful companion dog
Cats – Not cat tested
Children – 16 +

Dogs – Cherry gets on well with the other dogs at Holbrook and likes nothing more than being in the middle of whatever is going on. We feel that due to Cherry’s need for continued training she would benefit from the company of a tolerant, companion dog to learn from and to play with.

Cats – Cherry is not cat tested

Children – Due to Cherry’s need for continued training and her mouthing we will be looking for a child free home. Cherry will find the energy surrounding children too exciting to cope with.

Personality – Cherry is a smart dog that sadly has had little to no training before arriving at Holbrook. She is desperate to learn and thoroughly enjoys 1-2-1 training, focusing well and learning quickly. She is an energetic dog that is constantly on the go and she can easily become over-excited. Cherry loves attention and is slowly learning that mouthing stops interaction, this training will need to be continued in her new home.

Cherry has a very big personality and wants to be involved with whatever is going on around her, although she is learning doggy manners she still has a way to go but her new family will be rewarded by her efforts in training. Although Cherry is less than 2 years old she is still quite puppy like in her ways.

Suitable home – We are looking for a home that has experience in working with and training a rescue dog. Ideally we will be looking for a quieter home; Cherry would not cope well in a busy environment and would find it all too exciting. She walks relatively well on lead with no reaction to traffic but again this training will need to be continued along with her recall. Cherry needs mental stimulation as well as physical exercise to help her relax and settle so a home that enjoys this side of owning a dog will be important. Cherry still mouths like a puppy which can catch you off guard, we have been addressing this behaviour by introducing basic obedience training which has led us to seeing an improvement but it is very important that her new family understands this will need continued work in her new home.

Additional Information –
Cherry is on medication for a skin allergy, she is currently on steroids which has improved her condition greatly and this will be discussed further with any suitable applicants.

If you feel you can give Cherry the home she is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies

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