Charlie – Age approx. 2 yrs old
Dogs – To be homed with a playful companion
Cats – Unknown
Children – Older dog respectful children

Dogs – Charlie gets on well with all the dogs at Holbrook and loves to be with them and loves to play therefore we would like Charlie homed with a young, playful companion dog male or female.

Cats – We do not know how Charlie will be around cats

Children – Charlie has a lovely nature about him but he is bouncy and he does jump up for attention so we feel not knowing his history around children and his jumping up Charlie will be best suited to older, dog respectful children.

Personality – Fun-loving describes Charlie well! He adores everyone that he meets and thinks that everyone is his friend. He is affectionate, playful and an all-round happy dog. As much as Charlie loves to be in the mix of things he also likes to relax and watch the world pass by, his favourite spot is on top of the kennel in the yard where he can relax and watch all the activity around him. Charlie has shown no signs of nervousness since he arrived and is happily introduced to new situations, taking it all in his stride.

Suitable home – Charlie will need someone home much of the time to help him settle, he enjoys his walks and will benefit from a family that enjoys the outdoors. Charlie will suit a family that will include him in most of their daily activities; he wants to be around people and enjoys their company. Charlie’s new home will need to be committed to his continued training; he loves 1-2-1 attention and likes to learn new things. Charlie is a smart dog that will need metal and physical stimulation to help him become the very best dog that he can.

Additional Information – Charlie has already joined the group walk and walks well on lead however this will need continued training in his new home, at the moment he happily follows Laura and the rest of the pack. He loves a fuss and will need a family that can give him the attention he craves; he is not needy but will let his new people know that he loves attention.

If you feel you can give Charlie the home he is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies