Cassie – Medium size female dog (neutered) 25kg

Age – 3 yrs old

Dogs – Loves other dogs

Cats – Will chase them

Children – Very calm children over 10yrs of age

Personality – Once Cassie knows you she is a very, affectionate dog. She is a very gentle and kind girl that needs to be spoken to in a nice soft voice. She loves her walks, especially running about in open fields and woods. She really loves playing and spending time with other dogs. Cassie doesn’t like loud noises and becomes very frightened around them.

Suitable home – Cassie must have a country home with a large garden and another young dog to play with. The home must be a very quiet, calm home where she can feel safe and secure. Cassie has lived with children and loved them, but children must be dog savvy and over 12yrs of age. Cassie needs a lot of exercise so her new owner must be very active. She will need at minimum of two hrs off lead walks per day. Cassie will need somebody at home the majority of the time to help her settle in to her new life!

Additional Information – Cassie is a Greek rescue dog that lived with her past owner for two years. They loved her very much but lived in a very built up area which didn’t suit Cassie’s needs. For Cassie’s sake they very reluctantly gave her up, to have a better life. Cassie walks on a lead but is better off lead.

If you feel you can give the home he is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies