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Bruno 1

Bruno 1
Bruno 1
Bruno 1

Bruno – Experienced home needed

Bruno – Age 5
Dogs – To be homed with a female companion dog
Cats – No
Children – Older respectful children

Dogs – At present, Bruno happily lives with a female companion dog. Bruno loves to play with dogs when he is off lead, especially small energetic ones however he is often unsure around larger male dogs therefore we would like Bruno homed with a confident yet playful female dog.

Cats – Bruno has high prey-drive therefore he will not be homed with cats or small furries.

Children – Bruno has been introduced to children aged 10+ and always interacts well with them, however he has not lived with children. We will consider applicants with older, dog respectful children and each app will be viewed individually.

Personality – Bruno loves the outdoors, he thoroughly enjoys long walks and is very sociable when meeting new people out and about. Bruno loves to play with other dogs but can become a little over excited when playing with bigger ones. Once Bruno is home he likes to participate in lots of mental stimulation to help him relax. Bruno walks well on lead but he will lunge at certain dogs therefore this will need continued training. Bruno is a smart dog that enjoys learning; he knows all his basic commands. Sadly Bruno suffers with separation anxiety when left, the company of the other dog helps somewhat but this will need to be addressed further in his new home.

Suitable home – Bruno will need someone home much of the time to help him settle and to slowly address his separation anxiety. Bruno is not a dog that would cope well with a couple of short walks a day and will need a family that love the outdoors and exploring as much as he does. Bruno’s new family will need experience with rescue dogs and will also need to be understanding of his separation anxiety with the knowledge and commitment to further his training in lead walking and confidence building.

Additional Information – Bruno has been in his current home for just over two years but sadly due to a change in circumstances his family are no longer in a position to meet all of Bruno’s needs therefore the very hard decision to rehome was made. Bruno is vaccinated, microchipped and castrated. If you wish to apply to adopt Bruno please use the application form to clearly detail your experience with rescue dogs and behaviours that you have successfully worked through. If you feel you can give Bruno the home he is looking for please complete the application form below

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