Age approximately 8 years old

Dogs - Can go as only dog or with companion

Cats - No

Children – Adult only home

DOGS - Bouncer gets on well with the other dogs and loves to play chase with them, he is gentle with the smaller dogs and if often seen being wrestled by them but takes it all in his stride. Bouncer is fabulous when any new dogs arrive at Holbrook and is one of the first to be introduced to them! Bouncer is also equally as happy in the company of people therefore he can be homed as an only dog or with a suitable companion dog.

CATS - Bouncer will need to be homed cat free, he will chase cats given the chance.

CHILDREN – We are unaware of Bouncers history with children, due to his need for continued training we will not place him in a home with children.

PERSONALITY – Bouncer has an amazing personality once you get to know him, he is inquisitive, playful and responds very well to 1-2-1 training; he thoroughly enjoys learning and ‘getting it right’. He can be a little curious and sometimes nervous around strangers that come to Holbrook which may cause him to play up, however during his time in foster he has met many people when out, in many different situations and has behaved perfectly. Bouncer will take a little time to bond with his new owner but once he does he will make a very loyal companion.

LEAD WALKING - Bounder walks well on lead, he is often off lead on the group walk (in secure field) and his recall is extremely good however this will need continued training for off lead experiences out of a secure area.

IN A HOME ENVIRONMENT: Bouncer has spent regular home-visits with one of Holbrook’s volunteer’s, this is what his fosterer would like to say about him….. LIKES: To have a fuss made of him before going on a walk. Massages, sausages, lamb burgers, exploring new places, looking in peoples gardens, he likes to chew leather so be aware. Bouncer likes his own space when settled and sleeping. DISLIKES: Fast hand movements, raised voices, things being picked up quickly, sudden movements, loud noises, water (he’s not a swimmer) Underneath the male bravado Bouncer is a big softie. During a walk he always likes to sit and roll in the grass while having a tummy rub, he also likes to have his neck, shoulders and chest massaged (once he knows you well). During his chill time he loves to bury his nose into the earth and grass, he’s not particularly into toys but has his moments. He likes to curl up rather than stretch out in his bed, often curling up in the armchair next to my desk while I work. He absolutely loves going round roads sniffing and looking into gardens etc. He also loves going into shops, tea rooms etc. I take a sheepskin rug with me so he always knows where to sit. He has been in a busy tea room with 12 cyclists that turned up and he didn’t even flinch. We have been to pet shops and garden centres where he loves to explore and sniff about, I’m always mindful he doesn’t eat anything (pesticides are often used at these places) while he is sniffing, he likes to sniff people too. At the National Trust Tea Room he particularly enjoys a freshly made lamb burger, putting his paws on the counter waiting patiently to be served. We visited the sea and Bouncer was fascinated, we went down to the shoreline which he enjoyed, I like to broaden his horizons and explore new things. I haven’t let him off lead since last spring when he chased some deer, It was also close to lambing season so he now stays on lead, he can become very focused and has a strong prey-drive to chase. Bouncer is scared when you pick certain things up, once I picked up a hairbrush and he ran downstairs, he stood at the front door crying. I quickly picked up his lead, this always settles him and we went for a stroll. He used to be scared of the mirror, his own reflection but he is used to it now; so he needs to get used to things in the home. He thought it quite bizarre the first time he heard me on the phone and when I pulled the curtains. He is very good in the car, he happily has the car harness fitted and gets in and sits exactly where you tell him to without any issues. He never barks or whimpers and has never been sick; the longest we have travelled is 1.5hrs. He seems to be at a stage now where he likes simple food, recently I ordered him 2 sausages from a Tea room but he wanted my bread and butter instead, he loved the turkey drumsticks I cooked and chicken. I had a bandanna made for Bouncer that reads ‘Nervous But Kind’ which sums him up, he always wears this when we are out. I always make sure we don’t run into difficulties because I don’t want Bouncer to have any bad experiences. I think he would be bored on his own and would love a smaller female dog to play with. In the kitchen he shows good manners although he sometimes puts his paws on the counter, he never jumps up. He happily sits on the sofa and he likes to dig when he is happy. He has never toileted in the home or damaged anything, we had a close miss when I chucked a ball on a string, right across the room and nearly smashed a table light, entirely my fault! At night he will start off upstairs then go down to lay on the hard wood floor or by the front door. Bouncer needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation he also needs a home that will take the time to understand him. Additional Information - Bouncer loves to please and knows his sit and paw command, his recall is very good too. Bouncer has spent time on walks out with some of the regular volunteers and has been very well behaved; especially enjoying river walks and never wanders far.