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Male - Neutered
Age - 5 years old
Dog - Good
Cats - No cats
Children - Need to be over the age of 15

Personality - Bobby is a very active, happy and friendly cockapoo. He worries in situations in the home and finds it difficult to settle. He is not an aggressive dog and takes himself away from situations such as visitors to the home but his nervous disposition means that his automatic responses on occasions need to be corrected. He has separation anxiety which needs to be addressed. He loves his walks and has good recall and is fine with other dogs.

Suitable Home - Bobby needs an experienced rescue owner who is at home the majority of the time but can build his confidence so that he can be left for short periods. He may benefit from a confident companion dog; a good sized garden and two extensive, off lead walks each day plus plenty of mental stimulation throughout the day to ensure he is not bored.

Additional Information - Bobby is currently taking medication for his nervousness. He has been neutered and vaccinated and will thrive in the correct home.

If you think you could give this dog his forever home, please complete an application form and give as much information as possible to help us choose the best

Adoption donation & home-check applies

Please note; Holbrook is a kennel free centre and visits are strictly by appointment only.

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