BELLA - Age approx 8 Dogs - To be homed on own or with a companion dog Cats - Not cat tested Children - Older, quieter children
Dogs - Bella gets on well with all the dogs at Holbrook and has gained confidence being with them therefore we would like Bella homed with a calm, respectful companion dog.

Cats - Bella is not cat tested therefore we do not know what she will be like living with cats.

Children- Bella has a beautiful, gentle nature and although we have not seen her with children first hand we have been to,d she loves them. We recommend older, quieter children and each app will be looked at individually.
Personality- Once Bella knows you she will completely put her trust in you. She loves to be with ‘her’ people and will make a very loyal companion. Bella likes to be in the mix of things and enjoys the company of both the dogs and the volunteers. Bella is a very happy, loving dog.

Suitable home - Bella will need someone home most of the time to help her settle. We will be looking for a family that understands that Bella will need a slow and positive introduction to the big world and this can not be rushed. Once Bella has settled into her new home she will enjoy basic training with her new family. Bella has ventured out of the centre on lead but she has not yet joined the group walk. The successful applicant will need to commit to coming to Holbrook a number of times over a couple of weeks to get to know Bella and vice versa, making the transition into her new home easier. If you feel you can give Bella the home she is looking for please complete the application form below

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