Bebe - Age approx 6/7
Dogs - can be homed as an only dog or with a calm companion
Cats - Unknown
Children - Older, quieter children

Dogs - Bebe gets on well with the dogs at Holbrook but isn’t reliant on being with them,she values her human companions more and is already showing her loyalty towards Laura by waiting patiently for her return when Laura goes out of sight therefore we feel Bebe would be equally happy homed as an only dog or with a companion. If homed with a companion Bebe will need to be fed separately to prevent her eating the other dogs food.

Cats - We have no history of Bebe living with cats therefore we can not say how she will be,she showed little interest when introduced to a couple of cats at Holbrook. Children- Bebe has a lovely nature but we do not know her history with children therefore we recommend older, dog respectful children. Personality- Bebe is a quiet girl that loves to be with people, she’s already made Laura her favourite person and likes to potter along behind her. She is welcoming to attention and polite in her mannerisms. * See additional information.

Bebe will need someone home much of the time to help her settle, she enjoys gentle walks and would best be suited to a quieter home. Bebe joined the group walk not long after she arrived at Holbrook and walks well on lead. If you feel you can offer Bebe the home she is looking for please complete the application form below

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