Bear and Nala

Dogs - Nala and Bear will be looking for a home together, Nala is fine around other dogs but Bear can be a little anxious therefore we feel a home with Nala and Bear as the only resident dogs would be best suited.

Cats - Nala and Bear are not cat tested therefore we do not know how they will be living with cats.

Children- Nala and Bear have happily lived with children over the last couple of years, however due to Bear being a little nervous and Nala jumping up we recommend older dog respectful children, each app will be considered independently.

Personality- Bear is a soppy dog that is fabulous with children but has anxiety outside of the home and finds walks quite stressful, Bears confidence will need to be built surrounding life outside on walks. Nala is a happy confident dog that enjoys her walks, Bear and Nala live well together and make a good team. Both dogs are fully house trained and can be left for short periods. Both dogs are very affectionate and will make wonderful companions.

Suitable home - Nala and Bear will need someone home much of the time to help them settle. We will be looking for a home that has the experience to help build Bears confidence in life outside of the home. Both dogs would benefit from and enjoy continued training. Nala and Bear need a higher level of exercise therefore we will be also looking for a family that loves the outdoors.

Bear and Nala have lived happily in their home for the last two years but due to a change of circumstances their owners have had to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome them both. This is a very difficult decision for the family as both Nala and Bear are very much loved members of the family.

If you feel you can give Nala and Bear the home they are looking for please complete the application form below

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