Urgent Foster with view to Adopt: Beanie is a 16 month old Weimaraner with an excellent pedigree. He will need to be neutered as soon as possible. He needs to be rehomed due to a change in the owners' personal circumstances. He is a lovely boy, typically strong and playful and loves nothing more than finding a good stick to wrestle. He has lived with young children but due to his strength and boisterousness, we recommend dog savvy, older children. Cats; he is not aggressive and just wants to play with them. Although he has not lived with a companion dog, he would benefit from a robust and playful companion for company. He is good with other dogs and people that he meets out on his walks and his recall is good once he has bonded. However as with all young dogs he will benefit from more practice! We are looking for a home for him with a family who have an active lifestyle and who are home for the majority of the time. They will need time and energy to stimulate and enrich his young mind. If you feel you can provide this then please see our dogs available for adoption page. we welcome your application which can be completed following this link

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